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Who We Are


We are people just like you.


Some of us have HIV. Some of us have AIDS. Some of us have kids or parents or other loved ones that are infected.


Some of us are gay. Some are straight.


We are writers, mechanics, students, architects, security guards, pastors, business owners, chefs, teachers and actors.


Some of us are married. Some are single.


We are white, black, hispanic and asian.


While some of are infected, we are all affected.


We are just like you...staying positive in a world of HIV.

What We Do


The purpose of Positive Life is to help empower HIV positive people through education and support by helping them navigate the resources needed for a positive life.


Our desire is to hear client's concerns, to educate, support and empower individuals with the knowledge needed to advocate for themselves and others who are infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. Our goal is to support the HIV positive people and help them find their voice in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California.


Positive Life is committed to advocacy for HIV positive people as well as to provide them with the skills to advocate for respect and empowerment through support and compassion.

What We Believe


HIV doesn't have to define who you are.


If you have HIV or AIDS, it is a disease that can kill. However, the disease does not define you. Your attitude about HIV will determine your life, how you live, and what you are going to do about it.


We believe that with proper medical care, smart choices, and the support of others, you can live a positive life worth living.


Who doesn't want that?

How We Work

Positive Life is here to listen, help and advocate.


We can help you:

-Learn what causes HIV and how it is contracted

-Find a doctor who specializes in HIV and AIDS

-Get into a support group to help with the difficulties of living with HIV

-Get connected with others who might be helpful

-Find the resources necessary to live a positive life

-Participate in events to educate and promote healthy living and safe sex



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